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Ebay Sellers in Australia

jakibantilesjakibantiles SydneyPosts: 270Member

Hello. I'm thinking of selling alibaba products on ebay pang side hustle sana. Newbie lang po ako at kakastart lang magresearch. Baka po may members dito na may experience magsell via ebay dito sa AU. Hingi po sana ako ng tips about products, shipping from CN to AU at local shipping, etc. Salamat po!

ANZSCO 233512 | Mechanical Engineer | Age: 30, Education: 15, Work Experience: 10, PTE: 20, Spouse: 10, CCL: 5 | State Nom: 5 (NSW)

Lodged Visa 482 | 17 Mar 2020 | Granted 24 Sep 2020 while Offshore
Travel Exemption | DOA: 08 Oct 2020 | Approved: 12 Oct 2020

Lodged EOI: Visa 190/95pts NSW
DOE: 23 Dec 2020
Pre-Invite: 10 June 2021
ITA: 18 June 2021
Visa Lodge: 05 Aug 2021
Medical: 31 Jan 2022
Visa Grant: 20 Apr 2022

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