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Getting International Covid Vaccine Certificate

Hello all.
Sino po nagka problema sa pag verify ng identity pagkuha ng International Covid Vaccine Certificate sa Medicare? Ngayon ko lang nakita na kulang ng middle name ang Visa ko. Dapat pala inilagay ko sa Given names ang middle name. Hindi ma verify ang identity ko ng Immunisation Register sa Visa sila tumitingin hindi sa Philippine passport.


  • atheleneathelene Brisbane
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    @Linnaj said:
    Hello all.
    Sino po nagka problema sa pag verify ng identity pagkuha ng International Covid Vaccine Certificate sa Medicare? Ngayon ko lang nakita na kulang ng middle name ang Visa ko. Dapat pala inilagay ko sa Given names ang middle name. Hindi ma verify ang identity ko ng Immunisation Register sa Visa sila tumitingin hindi sa Philippine passport.

    The naming convention in Australia is different than PH, so I've encountered identity verification issues before (not with vaccine certificate though). Yung middle name natin sa pinas (which is the mother's maiden surname) is taken/used to be the second given name in Australia. My advice is to keep things consistent across your documents. Pag hinihingi ang middle name sa form, nilalagay ko pa rin mother's surname in that box. Pag given name ang hiningi, i would put in two of my given names in the same box. Baka magkaproblema ka down the line kung yung middle name mo (which is mother's surname) suddenly becomes a given name in your Australian documents.

    What worked for me when I need to verify my identity is to try different combinations. Either first given name + surname, or first given name + second given name + surname, or first given name + second given name + middle name (mother's surname) + surname. See which one works, since it's hard to tell which name the system accepts.

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    Naming Conventions

    Australian names generally follow English naming conventions. Overseas-born Australians generally adapt their names to fit these conventions in formal documents.
    English naming conventions arrange names as follows: [first given name] [middle given name(s)] [FAMILY NAME]. For example, Jack Samuel ADAMS (male) or Emily Claire TAYLOR (female).
    One’s ‘first name’, known as a ‘personal name’ or ‘given name’, is chosen at birth as the individual’s personal identifier. It always comes before the family name.
    The ‘family name’, known as a ‘surname’ or ‘last name’, is inherited from one’s parents and shared with other members of the individual’s immediate family.
    Australian names are traditionally patrilineal, whereby children are given their father’s family name. However, this is not an enforced custom.
    Some parents may choose to give their children a hyphenated surname that contains the family name of both parents (e.g. Jack Samuel WILSON-ADAMS).
    A child born to same-sex parents can be registered with the family name of either parent or both parents.
    A child born to unmarried parents will be registered using the birth mother’s surname, unless both parents agree to use another surname.1
    It is traditional for women to adopt their husband’s family name at marriage. However, this practice is declining.
    Many Australians also have a ‘middle name’, which is a secondary personal name written between the person's first name and their family name. For example, Emily Claire TAYLOR’s middle name is ‘Claire’.
    Middle names are optional and are rarely used in daily life. However, most Australians have one or multiple.


    Most Australian parents choose their children’s personal names based on aesthetic appeal.
    Many popular names have biblical roots, e.g. Joshua, Michael, Grace.
    More recently, it has been the trend for Australians to choose names that they find unique. These are usually names that are less traditionally common in the English-speaking west and are hence seen as more unique. Sometimes they are variations of a western name with a different spelling.
    The most popular first names for Australian children in 2020 were Charlotte, Olivia, Amelia, Isla, Mia (female) and Oliver, Noah, Jack, William, Leo (male).2
    It is common for a child’s middle name to reflect the personal name of a close family member (such as a grandparent).
    The most common Australian family names have a British origin, e.g. SMITH, JONES, WILLIAMS, BROWN, WILSON.
    Other family names reflect the broad cultural, linguistic and geographic diversity of Australian families. For example, Jeremy SCHULTZ (German), Hannah NGUYEN (Vietnamese), Ashley MURPHY (Irish), Dylan WANG (Chinese).
    Australian law requires names to be registered with English letters only. Therefore, some foreign names may have various spelling in the transliteration to the Roman alphabet.

    Addressing Others

    Australians generally address one another verbally by the first name alone. In formal situations, people may use a person’s title (e.g. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Doctor, etc.) followed by their family name.
    Middle names are almost never used to address a person, unless quoted on formal/legal documentation.
    Australians often form nicknames for each other by abbreviating the name to a minimal amount of syllables (e.g. Michael becomes Mike).
    It is common for people to be given an ‘Australianised’ nickname that turns their name into Australian slang (e.g. Barry becomes Baz, Andy becomes Ando). These are often used within close friendships to emphasise mateship.
    Australians may refer to others as “mate” (usually to men) or “love” (usually to women) without knowing them very closely.


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